Story by Stacy™

We are excited to partner with Stacy Julian to launch the Story by Stacy™ product line!

These story-based products are designed to teach you how to create authentic, personal stories with your memories. Story by Stacy™ will help anyone discover, access, and grow their storytelling skills to share them with others in meaningful ways.

Story by Stacy™ • Story Starter

Story Starter

The Story Starter workshop kit will have you telling your stories in no time. Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble a mini album that tells the story of a person, place, or thing that you love.

Story by Stacy™ • Short Story

Short Story

Build your creative intiution and storytelling skills with the Short Story! This workshop kit will walk you through the process of visual storytelling with a large group of photos topped off with a personal story written at the end.

Story by Stacy™ • Stories I Love

Stories I Love

Document the photos and stories that truly capture your heart with Stories I Love! This workshop kit will teach you how to explore the memories behind the photos you treasure and write detailed stories to go with them.

Story by Stacy™ • Storyteller


This how-to book gathers the writing tools from each workshop kit—Story Starter, Short Story, and Stories I Love — for you to reference in one place and see how to use them in any scrapbooking format. It also introduces you to a new writing tool and creative process, Extended Story.